kdevelop 1.2 internal debugger with console input

Ralf Funken rfunken at kdevelop.de
Tue Apr 4 05:10:26 UTC 2000


> I was getting too beat up in the forum on this subject so I've added a
separate > console io for debugging apps containing cin, fgets etc. Select this
via a > new option in options/kdevelop setup/debugger

I'll update the manuals according to this during the week or on Saturday the
latest. I had a quick look at it this morning. It works fine, but I'll add a
Tip to the manuals, that it's best to use the floating toolbar with the
feature, to keep the terminal from disapearing behind KDevelop. It's obvious,
but you know that sometimes you wonder how the people even manage to turn on
their computers:-))

Nice and needed feature for system programmers.



Ralf Funken

The KDevelop Project

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