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W. Tasin tasin at
Tue Oct 5 11:45:53 UTC 1999

Stefan Bartel wrote:
> Sandy and I, last night we did some restructuring on the
> KDevelop source tree, because it became really chaotic
> over the last months.
> With this outstunning new design we bring KDevelop
> to the bleeding edge of technology and make it ready
> for the step into the next millenium.
> Ok, we just moved some files around ... :-)
> No, to get serious, this was an important thing to do, because
> it was sometimes really hard to find a certain file. And the more
> important reason: This is a required step for the restructuring
> of the source code itself, which has to follow next time. So we put
> the code over several subdirectories like views or plugins.
> Every bigger component, like the classparser, gets it's own
> directory. The data files icons etc. are stored in a separate
> directory, except the ones, that are only useful for a special
> component. An expample for that are the app templates for
> the appwizard, which are stored in subdir under the appwizard.
> Of course this will not go into HEAD before all of you give
> their two cents on it.
> --
> Stefan Bartel
> bartel at
> PS: we left the doc dir empty just to make this mail a bit smaller.

Here my two cents...
but IMHO there are structures valuable for 5 cents :-)
(so think about it ;-))

It seems a little bit inconsistent giving "treeviews" an own
directorystructure... the others "outputviews" and "editviews"
should have the same logical priority, 'cause the number of
codefiles will increase in the same way as it just did for
"treeviews" (e. g. debugger, dialogedit).

If the intention is to find a codepart as soon as possible another way
could be a structure which describes 
the 3 (or 4) "geographical" positions of the view in KDevelop.
(only if it isn't intended to make widgets dockable from the central
view to the bottomview, etc.)

(I don't use the expression "treeview" anymore, cause maybe there will
be the widgets of the dialogeditor in it)


(clickable lines: grep/find/compile-errors)]



to reduce the number of directorylevels (hi Bernd ;-))
there could be possible to use kdevelop/bottomviews instead of
kdevelop/views/bottom and kdevelop/leftviews ...
and kdevelop/gfxview, etc ....

That's my suggestion


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