complete new KDevelop design :-)

Stefan Heidrich - DI sheidric at
Tue Oct 5 14:12:59 UTC 1999

On Mon, 04 Oct 1999, you wrote:
>Sandy and I, last night we did some restructuring on the
>KDevelop source tree, because it became really chaotic
>over the last months.
>With this outstunning new design we bring KDevelop
>to the bleeding edge of technology and make it ready
>for the step into the next millenium.
>Ok, we just moved some files around ... :-)
>No, to get serious, this was an important thing to do, because
>it was sometimes really hard to find a certain file. And the more
>important reason: This is a required step for the restructuring
>of the source code itself, which has to follow next time. So we put
>the code over several subdirectories like views or plugins.
>Every bigger component, like the classparser, gets it's own
>directory. The data files icons etc. are stored in a separate
>directory, except the ones, that are only useful for a special
>component. An expample for that are the app templates for
>the appwizard, which are stored in subdir under the appwizard.
>Of course this will not go into HEAD before all of you give
>their two cents on it.
>Stefan Bartel
>bartel at
>PS: we left the doc dir empty just to make this mail a bit smaller.

Hi Stefan!

I give my two cents on it.


P.S. Now i can compile with 'make -j' :-)

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