Changes/Fixes on HEAD

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sun Oct 3 17:45:22 UTC 1999

Hi all, 

just to inform everyone what's done exactly by me today as Walter
overwrote the new KDE/Qt templates in HEAD yesterday and I had to change
it again ;-) but this time completely exept the desktop files and png
conversions because this will need a fix on the appwizard as well I

a) normal, mini and qt normal now run with new automake/am_edit copied
the kdesdk/kexample. The only thing that doesn't work is that make dist
doesn't include am_edit, but I already wrote that to kde-devel in hope
someone's going to fix that in the kdesdk.

b) ported kde-normal to the new kde (kmessagebox, klocale etc)

c) removed -lkfm from kappwizard as KDE 2 doesn't have that lib. (that
was for the normal kde template) The project options can be changed for
that, and for khtmlw to khtml also and the kfm option can be reused for
something else.

For the old 1_0 branch, the -lkfm option is also not needed in

d) I prepared a new template for docbook format and added the according
options for generating docbooks (newfiledlg), together with an
experimental detection in makemanualdlg using db2html for .docbook
extension. This dialog has to be redesinged as well, so we should keep
that in mind.

Now suggestions and TODO's:

a) Bernd: I think we should remove any option for kdoc 1.x from HEAD and
make use of makekdedoc. This is much simpler and reduces the code in
Updatekdedocdlg as well as it avoids any confusion. I also get errors in
the KAppWizard when using kdoc2, but that is probably because I didn't
use the --with-kdoc2 option on configure. So make everything use kdoc2.

b) as I already wrote to Sandy, the UpdateMakefileAm() doesn't work
correctly because it deletes a bunch of lines in the's. But
I also discovered that this problem occurs on the sgml and docbook
files, so there must be something else what's going wrong, on the other
hand the implementation is similar. Could someone have a look at that, I
completed the UpdateMakefileAm() so that things work for now, embraced
by /// and a warning.

c) the kwrite dialogs sometimes seem to use other fonts. I don't know
where that comes from, so if anyone has time...;-)

Ah, before I forget it: Thanks to the one who made the docbrowser show
the manuals again ;-) I had a hard time searching for the bug, but
didn't succed.

All for now,


PS: after the following week I will probably have more time to work on
things and I hope the team will stay together as it was and we can
continue the current way. ;-)

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