Fwd: Re: KDevelop

John R. Zedlewski zedlwski at princeton.edu
Sun Oct 3 18:43:08 UTC 1999

> Ok, as I understand it, most of us want to work on the current codebase and
> don't want to write/design a new IDE in "coorperation" with a company. If
> everybody agree on this decision I will write an "offical" statement to Catalin
> and to our mailinglist kdevelop at barney on tuesday.

Sigh.  I can't believe those clowns are so arrogant that they can't take a step
back and see that going to KOM/OP and a new code base would be a disaster.
Personally, I think that the support from a few programmers working full time to
improve KDev would be a great thing, if they could be convinced to respect the
team that actually wrote the IDE.  If they're just interested in adding COBOL, for
instance, they should be able to confine their changes to the project management
area, right?  There've been requests for ages to rework CProject to support
multiple languages (and multiple targets), and if they would be the ones to
undertake this job that nobody really cares about (i.e. how would it hurt if
KDevelop supported multiple languages, even if most people used it for C/C++?), it
could be pretty helpful.  But maybe their attitude is just too mych to get over in
this case.
I guess what I'm trying to say is this: please try to keep things as friendly and
positive between the two groups as possible, because someday in the future there
may be room for cooperation and code-sharing.  And, also importantly, it would
probably be good to mention (in a friendly way) that they have a responsibility
NOT to use the KDevelop name, but to make it clear that the product is based on
KDevelop, preferrably including the URL to kdevelop.org somewhere, so that people
who get the CobolDeveloper, or whatever it's called, can find out where to get a

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