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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sat Oct 2 14:19:53 UTC 1999

Stefan Heidrich - DI wrote:
> On Sat, 02 Oct 1999, you wrote:
> Hi Sandy!
> I think we should work on our code base. The XXL team can make another IDE, but
> they should use another name and don´t  replace our babe. Maybe we can persuade
> they to make a non-c/c++ IDE, then i would say 'Fine, can we help you?'. But
> for another kdevelop there will be no help from my side. And i have the fear,
> that after the replacement i will don't know the code of my parts anymore. And
> so i can not identify myself with it anymore. If this happens, i will get out
> of the kdevelop-core team (if someone of use is then still in the core team).
> This is my fear.
> Bye,
>         Stefan

Hi Stefan,

I can understand your worries as they are similar to mine when I read
the mails from the "XXL" team. That's why I reacted so sharp and I sent
the mail I got from the CEO of the company saying that they intended to
go with us to a certain degree where they can make money with plugins. I
think that comes from the same side as the mails we got some time ago
asking if we (core-developers) would work for a company on KDevelop for
paychecks. As that is out of question and with the info of the CEO that
they indeed have a commercial interest, which was exactly what I feared,
I agree with you partly. We cannot prevent them from their own
development, but if this is going to be commercialized (and sure will
be), we have to insist that they don't start with our codebase if it's
not GPL.

Besides this, my opinion is that if anyone of the core-team is against
cooperation, I will agree with that as I think the past year of
co-development has been a good experience and worked well; therefore the
continuing work together with the others is most important to me.


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