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Hi Sandy!

I think we should work on our code base. The XXL team can make another IDE, but
they should use another name and don´t  replace our babe. Maybe we can persuade
they to make a non-c/c++ IDE, then i would say 'Fine, can we help you?'. But
for another kdevelop there will be no help from my side. And i have the fear,
that after the replacement i will don't know the code of my parts anymore. And
so i can not identify myself with it anymore. If this happens, i will get out
of the kdevelop-core team (if someone of use is then still in the core team).
This is my fear.


>Hi Friends!
>Maybe you have followed the controversial discussion on our mailinglist
>about the new KDevelop design. This design will be developed by an external
>team or as Ralf suggested by serveral teams containing KDevelop developers, the
>XXL team and some others. This new version will replace the "offical" KDevelop
>in the future and will contain "support for plugins, scripting, different
>project types, different languages, new design based on Corba/KOM/OP". and so
>We all know that the current KDevelop design is fixed to support C/C++ only
>and adding support for other languages is very difficult. (dialog-editor,
>classparser, debugger, codegenerator and so on) This is not certainly a result
>of a bad design (ok,maybe :-)), it's result of our project goals in the past:
>Providing a C/C++ only IDE for easy Qt/KDE development. With the current
>approach it's possible to add plugins (C++),add MDI and Dockwidget and an
>integrated debugger (which already exist, thanks to John :-)) And there are
>plans for a new project managment, you know. 
>I think we are at a point where we must decide: Either we start from scratch
>with help from the XXL/Kobol team or we continue our work on the current
>KDevelop codebase. 
>I would like if we continue coding on the current CVS HEAD branch and develop
>KDevelop  to a really nice C/C++ IDE with MDI,debugger and so on. Unfortunaly
>this means codesplit by the XXL Team.:-( but in my opinion there are only a few
>advantages and too many disadvantages for the "start from scratch" approach.
>There are some facts which brought me to my actual opinion:
>-CORBA/OP will be largely dropped by the KDE Team (see kde-core-devel,cannossa
>thread), only some "small" parts of KDE2 will use CORBA
>- there are already nice Java/Pythons IDE's : CodeGuide,Netbeans,IDLE and so
>on, so more language support isn't much needed 
>-KodeKnight (based on KOM/OP design) is dead. :-(, no commits since 4 months
>and personal I don't want add features which were already implemented and
>fixing bugs that were fixed (current KDevelop). I think this isn't much fun.
>Discussion is open!!:-)

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