C/C++ bound???

Eric Princen eprincen at home.com
Mon Nov 29 01:11:50 UTC 1999


I am curious. KDevelop seems to be very Qt/C++ bound from what I have seen
on the projects web page. Have you planned the architecture with the ability
to handle any language/toolkit? Would it be possible, for instance, to
create a Java project complete with plug in Java debugger?

I apologize if these questions would easily be answered by simply USING
KDevelop, but I'm the CTO of a startup which is just now taking off and I
don't really have the time to fool with it.  Since I use KDE as my Linux
desktop (Gnome sure is pretty, but not as useful,) I'd like to have an IDE
that I can use for various languages that integrates nicely with the rest of
KDE. If I have time in the future, and it is possible, I'd be happy to look
into adding Java support.  I use anyJ right now and while I like it, there
are problems...  I have the VisualAge beta too, but I'm not sold on it
either, and I'd rather have an IDE I can help shape when I have some time.

-Eric ;-)

Eric Princen
Chief Technology Officer

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