Bug#2345: KDevelop hangs at startup

Petur Runolfsson peturr at rhi.hi.is
Fri Nov 26 18:31:48 UTC 1999

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.0beta4.1
Severity: critical

Bugreport ID : 13:39,26.11.99

Originator	: Pétur Runólfsson
E-Mail		: peturr at hi.is

Subject : KDevelop hangs at startup

Error Class	: software bug
Error Location	: I don´t know
Priority	: high
Bug Description ---------------------------

I caused KDevelop to hang by typing in a namespace, so I killed it
with KPM. When I restarted KDevelop it tried to reopen the project
that caused the trouble and hung again. I have the "open last project"
option on, but I didn´t expect KDevelop to try to reopen the last
open project unless it had been shut down in a clean fashion.

How to repeat the error -------------------

Pick your favourite critical bug (one that makes KDevelop hang,
namespaces are the easiest). Make sure the "open last project"
option is set. Now create a new project and then invoke the bug.
Kill KDevelop when it has stopped responding. Try to start
KDevelop again. It will show the logo window and a progress
window but will stop there and will have to be killed again.
Remove or rename the offending project to make KDevelop
usable again.

Bugfix or Workaround ----------------------

KDevelop probably saves the name of the last open project on disk
when it creates a new project or opens an existing one. This should
be changed so that KDevelop writes this information when it is shutting
down. The information then has to be removed at startup after it has
been read in case the project is changed so that it will cause
KDevelop to hang.

System Information ------------------------

KDevelop version	: 1.0beta4.1
KDE version		: 1.1.2
QT version		: 1.44
OS/Distribution		: Linux (kernel 2.2.5) / RedHat 6.0
Compiler		: egcs-2.91.66

misc :

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