KDevelop problem with RH 6.0

Yan Lam lamb at gaia.ecs.csus.edu
Sat Nov 6 03:48:15 UTC 1999


I just installed KDevelop 1.0 beta 4 on my RH 6.0 system.  However, when I tried to compile a normal KDE program, I received two errors: /usr/lib/libkfile.so: undefined reference to 'KFM::KFM(void)' and /usr/lib/libkfile.so: undefined reference to 'KFM::list(char const *)'.  The program is a skeleton generated by the application wizard.  I really wants to try out KDevelop, I read its a good IDE compiler.  Any help will be appreciated; I'm kind of stuck at this point.

Thank you,
email: lamb at gaia.ecs.csus.edu
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