Anyone else having kmail and akonadi crash on logout?

Peter Humphrey peter at
Wed Aug 21 08:25:58 BST 2019

On Tuesday, 20 August 2019 20:47:41 BST Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> Hi,
> Kmail and akonadi are crashing on me every time I log out (so session end
> or computer shutdown). This has been going on for a while now and many bug
> reports have been opened and closed about it. I thought that a recent fix
> should've eliminated this from 19.04 versions. However, for me at least, it
> hasn't. Before I create new bug reports, I'm curious to know whether others
> also have this issue.
> Setup:
> * kmail & akonadi 19.04.03
> * frameworks 5.60.0
> * Qt 5.12.3
> All on Gentoo (stable).

It happened most times here too, until I cleaned everything out and started 
again with a clean slate - no historical messages, just a building collection 
of new ones. A recent thread discussed this.

Since the fresh start, no problems at all.


Gentoo stable system, openrc-0.41.2
gcc 8.3.0, sys-kernel/gentoo-sources 4.19.66
QT 5.12.3, KDE frameworks 5.60.0, KDE plasma 5.15.5
KDE apps 19.04.3 incl KMail 19.04.3 (5.11.3), akonadi 19.04.3
dev-db/mariadb-10.2.22-r1, net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.24.2
x11-drivers/xf86-video-amdgpu 19.0.1
dev-libs/amdgpu-pro-opencl 19.10.785425-r1

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