Kmail not syncing read/unread state with imap mailbox

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Apr 28 11:36:36 BST 2019

On Sunday April 28 2019 11:23:50 Francesco wrote:

>Honestly I don't know where this "propriety" is stored (in the header or 
>somewhere else) but I think KM should be able to read it from the Imap 

A priori IMAP uses a header to store read and flagged state on the server. So KMail should at least respect that when it syncs mail it has never seen before (but which you already read, e.g. from another computer or your phone while the system running KMail was off/suspended).

After that, akonadi probably stores this kind of state info in its database first, and may fail to keep that in sync with the information on the server (because of flawed reasoning which of that state info has priority?) If those assumptions are correct you should be able to force-update the info by quitting kmail (kontact), running `akonadictl vacuum` (which should remove all cached emails from the db) and then restarting kmail.


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