Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

Vojtěch Zeisek vojtech.zeisek at
Thu Apr 4 13:10:56 BST 2019


Dne 4.4.2019 13:46, Martin Steigerwald napsal:
> 1) During mail retrieval KMail sometimes just stops displaying new 
> mails
> coming in. It GUI is responsive, but when I click on another folder or
> so… I just get the waiting message. These stalls, that do not happen 
> all
> of the time, take up to a minute or even longer.

I watch this since this morning. It made KMail unusable right now, so 
using not-so-good web interface right now... I didn't do any change in 
configuration or upgrade. I'm using KDE PIM 18.12.

> 2) Filtering of new mail into folders takes very long. Very long means
> up to 5 minutes or move of sustained activity of both Akonadi and
> MariaDB for filtering 1000-2000 new mails. That is with me even making
> sure to remove old mails from Akonadi's maildir entirely. Most folders
> do not have more than 30000-40000 mails, some considerable less. A few
> have 80000-100000 mails and I have the idea to remove mails out of them
> as well.

I don't see such problems. I use most of filters on the IMAP server side 
and when I search within even large folder (well, for me up to ~10-20 
000 mails), it is basically instant.

> 3) Then I had one of the LRCONFLICTs displayed in KMail's status line
> without even able to expand it to see what is is about. I solved it by
> clearing Akonadi cache of incoming folder.

Few of this issues I also saw recently. Sometimes it happened that I 
manually moved mail to some folder, it was moved (well, rather copied), 
but it stayed in the original folder. Bit annoying.
Is there way how to clear Akonadi cache for all 
folders/accounts/resources in once?

> At the same time due to introduction of Office 365 at work² I partly 
> use
> Evolution with EWS and I found the following:

I use Akonadi-ews and it works perfectly. Well, if You believe Exchange 
could work at all. ;-)

> 1) Evolution did not crash *once* so far.

I don't remember when my KMail crashed last time.

> 2) Evolution just works. For me so far, that is.

I like Evolution, but KMail has so much more features...

> 3) Evolution does not get stuck.

KMail does sometimes... :-(

> I am reluctant as akonadictl fsck reported a lot of issues the last 
> time
> I used it, including about items without RID. I may like to export 
> those
> into files before attempting a switch as Akonadi still cannot reply
> those. And still I also do not get how a maildir resource could ever
> fail to write out the mail into the maildir as long as the filesystem 
> is
> healthy.  I am also reluctant due to having to reconfigure about 100 or
> more filter rules.

I has been running akonadictl fsck for several hours already (! it has 
never happened before) and now it reports tones of messages like
Cleaning up missing external file: 
/home/vojta/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data/65/617965_r0 for item: 
220946 on part: 617965
I wonder how it will look on my other computer (both running openSUSE 

I don't have much annoying issues with KMail, for me it's still the best 
e-mail client. I don't wish to leave it. :-)
So big thanks to all developers.

Vojtěch Zeisek

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