Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Thu Apr 4 13:10:28 BST 2019

Martin Steigerwald - 04.04.19, 13:46:
> But as much as it saddens me I am quite close to just being done with
> it… and take the huge step to migrate away from KDEPIM / Akonadi.

I have been again considering notmuch¹

While I am not aware of a KDE app for Notmuch, I really like the 

> "Not much mail" is what Notmuch thinks about your email collection.
> Even if you receive 12000 messages per month or have on the order of
> millions of messages that you've been saving for decades. Regardless,
> Notmuch will be able to quickly search all of it. It's just plain not
> much mail. 



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