An odd debug message

Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at
Fri Oct 26 06:50:38 BST 2018

On donderdag 25 oktober 2018 23:29:55 CEST, Pablo Sanchez wrote:
> I am surprised René's has not been banned.  His unconstructive 
> criticisms tend to overshadow his contributions.

I must disagree here. René has been one of the more helpful members these 
last months. Critical, yes, and why not. Implying now that he should have 
been banned I feel is less constructive than his (known) expressed dislike 
of QtWebEngine.

I can understand the developers' decision to switch from QtWebKit tot 
QtWebEngine. But in my experience as well the former is *much* leaner than 
the latter.



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