Kmail not reflecting contents of ~/mail (maildir)

Maurice maurice at
Mon Jul 30 12:46:45 BST 2018

On Mon, 30 Jul 2018 07:52:09 +0100, Ianseeks wrote:

> I'm not sure what the problem might be but if it can't "see" the emails,
> i doubt it can index them.

Well, on the same Linux (Mageia-6) install, another user's Kmail picks up 
and runs with its own ~/mail structure - first time, and shows the 
files in each folder. So it's not Kmail itself that is the problem, but 
something in my /home that us causing it, hence my suspicion of Akonadi. 
But perhaps it's something else.

In my user session, it was doing until last week, when it suddenly 
not to behave. It shows an enpty Sent folder, none of the subfolders, 
and in Inbox only a few recent emails. Unusable.

What could be causing the difference between the two users on the same 
system? I've never before seen Kmail fail to reflect the folder structure 
and maildir files in ~/mail, and I've been using Kmail on several 
different machines for years.

Actually, I'm not stuck for email function, as some months ago I migrated 
my maildir DB (contents of ~/mail) to Thunderbird, which - although it 
has a terrible GUI - I've found much more reliable as well as simpler to 
clone onto other machines, and has allowed me to have an email service 
that does not get hung up on "Retrieving Folder Contents" until the time 
when that Kmail problem has been solved.
  But in the meantime I have kept running Kmail so as to monitor its 
progress with the "Retrieving Folder Contents" problem.

If I can't get Kmail on my desktop user to honour the contents of ~/mail 
shall have to rely on Kmail on my laptop (same Linux level using copy of 
my ~/mail) to do that monitoring - or an extra user on this one.

I looked at the reference to 'failed migration' you pointed to, but this 
is not a migration problem; it had been working well until recently.
  But I will try its suggestions about deleting Akonadi folders - 
something I may not have done thoroughly enough.

The $64 question is: How to get Kmail to properly reflect the folder 
structure and maildir contents of ~/mail, which it appears to completely 
ignore  even though it shows that as a valid maildir directory...



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