Kmail not reflecting contents of ~/mail (maildir)

Ianseeks bingmybong at
Sun Jul 29 17:46:45 BST 2018

On Sunday, 29 July 2018 14:24:46 BST Maurice wrote:
> The problem is although my (maildir) ~/mail database contains an 
> of around 20 sub-folders, Kmail now fails to show ANY of 
> them, even shows an empty Sent folder, and fails to show any Inbox emails 
> older than the date after which I became aware of the problem, and now 
> fails to download any emails.

Does kmail point to your mail folder directory?  My local folders config points to /home/xxxx/.local/share/local-mail  

>   N.B. I have temporarily migrated to Thunderbird for email purposes.
> Presumably there is an Akonadi/Baloo mixup somewhere, and I ask if anyone 
> can here vrecommend a way of achieving re-indexing of the files in ~/
> mail, 
> please.
This might resolve itself if kmail "finds" you mail folders.

> [I don't think it's a Kmail problem, as with another user on the system 
> it is behaving normally.)

Qt: 5.11.1 KDE Frameworks: 5.48.0 - KDE Plasma:  5.13.3 - kwin 5.13.3
kmail2 5.8.3 - akonadiserver 5.8.3 - Kernel:  4.17.9-1-default  - xf86-video-nouveau:  1.0.15

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