Some events not displayed by KOrganizer

Elijah Mark Anderson mark at
Sat Jul 14 19:11:23 BST 2018

I've been noticing for a few months (shortly after I switched to using KMail/
KOrganizer) that some events on my NextCloud/caldav calendars aren't showing 
up in KOrganizer, but they are in the Akonadi database, as I can see them in 
the Akonadi Console. I think I just found the common thread for all those 
missing events: They're invites and/or have attendee information.

I'm still working to narrow this down a bit more, but wondering if this is 
just a setting that I'm missing somewhere, or maybe this is a bug? Any ideas 
or help are appreciated!
Elijah Mark Anderson
mark at
"Even dust, when piled up, becomes a mountain" - Ancient Japanese proverb
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