KDEPIM and Libre Office

Thomas Hejze thejze at gmx.at
Tue Jul 10 18:00:56 BST 2018

Dobrý večer Daniel,
first of all thanks for your answer.

Am Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018, 12:41:52 CEST schrieb Daniel Vrátil:

> in short, connecting directly to the Akonadi database is not a good idea -
> the data are not all in the DB and the database schema may change
> sometimes.
> Ideally what you would need to support modern KAddressbook integration is to
> write a plugin that interacts with Akonadi through the Akonadi Core
> library. 

This is exactly the answer I have been afraid of. So, as far as I understand, 
it needs more than a database connection. I wonder what effort it would take, 
to write such a plugin (in manhours, Euros etc.). I am a chemical engineer, so 
it is hard for me to estimate the size of resources required. I would be ready 
to sponsor such an effort or make at least a contribution.

> I don't know if LO supports some form of plugins to do that that
> we could distribute with KAddressbook or if we would have to actually get
> the code into LO (in which case this is not likely going to happen). Any
> input from someone more knowledgable about LO code is welcomed.

Well, I am a LO user. All I can say that LO wants to treat any addressbook 
resource as a database connection. It offers quite a number of database 
drivers from simple text to sophisticated SQL based systems. But it has to be 
a database connection. 

LO offers three programming interfaces to extend its functionality: Python, 
JavaScript and LO Basic. The required code could be shipped in the form of so 
called "extensions". The biggest problem I see is, that kdepim developers 
might say "I can't do it, because I do not know enough about LO", while LO 
developers might say "I can't do it, because I do not know enough about 

I remember there was a time when the kdepim addressbook could be integrated by 
the LO (maybe OOO) addessbook wizard. I suspect that stopped with the 
implementation of akonadi.

Greetings from your neighbor from Austria.

Thomas Hejze

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