KDEPIM and Libre Office

Daniel Vrátil me at dvratil.cz
Thu Jul 5 11:41:52 BST 2018

Hi Thomas,

in short, connecting directly to the Akonadi database is not a good idea - the 
data are not all in the DB and the database schema may change sometimes.

Ideally what you would need to support modern KAddressbook integration is to 
write a plugin that interacts with Akonadi through the Akonadi Core library. I 
don't know if LO supports some form of plugins to do that that we could 
distribute with KAddressbook or if we would have to actually get the code into 
LO (in which case this is not likely going to happen). Any input from someone 
more knowledgable about LO code is welcomed.


On Friday, 29 June 2018 15:14:46 CEST Thomas Hejze wrote:
> Hi,
> I use KDEPIM for more than 15 years and I have always been maintaining my
> adressbook, not only for E-Mail but also "snail mail" (as it is called
> sometimes). I run a small enterprise, my customers are in my KDE adressbook
> and yes, there are still letters to be written on paper.
> My current problem is the integration into Libre Office. I remember once it
> was possible to connect to KDE-Adressbook from Libre Office by database
> connection, but for some reason this functionality got lost. Currently I
> use the following workaround:
> 1) Export the data to a csv file.
> 2) Create a database connection in Libre Office to that file.
> 3) In case of updates: rewrite that specific csv file.
> This workaround has two big disadvantages: First, this is a very static
> solution, which requires a lot of extra maintainance work. Second, the libre
> office database connection has a problem with special characters (üöäß), so
> data are not provided correctly. There is no way to set the correct
> codepage (except maybe by sophisticated macro programming).
> AFAIK Akonadi is nothing else but some sort of database management system on
> top of mariadb. So I wonder, what would necessary to make Libre Office
> connect to KDEPIM (again).
> Currently Libre Office offers the following types of adressbook connections:
> - Firefox/Iceweasel
> - Thunderbird/Icedove
> - dBase
> - JDBC
> - Groupwise
> - Evolution LDAP
> - Table/CSV
> - Text
> - MySQL
> - ODBC
> Responses to my email are very appreciated.
> Best regards
> Thomas Hejze

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