How to get Kontact backtrace for crash on logout

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Apr 6 21:25:05 BST 2018

Hi Erik,

> I did this from a virtual console using gdb -p <pid> and then ‘continue’ 
> within the gdb shell. However, apparently contact does not crash when 
> logging out then…

Did you switch back to your desktop env. and then proceed as usual? The crash you're seeing is probably due to something not happening exactly as foreseen, and the act of switching to and from a virtual console plus the debugger attaching may be sufficiently "disruptive" that the crash won't occur if you log off immediately. There are also bugs that are notoriously difficult to catch (also known as Heisenbugs because they disappear when you start looking for them :)).
All I can suggest is to make it a habit to connect the debugger as soon as Kontact is up and running and has gone idle after finishing its first sync, and then go about your session as usual. If there's really a bug you should stumble across it sooner or later.

> So how do I get kontact to behave as if gdb wasn't there?

You can't to my knowledge, but a priori it doesn't know that gdb has attached. 

What happens in general on your distro when DrKonqi isn't available or fails to start - is there a system crash reporter of sorts (Ubuntu has apport, for instance)? If so you could also try to uninstall DrKonqi temporarily see if you get useful information from the system crash reporter.

> Or, is there really no way to interrupt an ongoing logout?

I have no idea. I would guess this is indeed impossible but you should ask on a plasma ML.


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