kde-pim dev needed, for a sponsored open source effort, to remove akonadi

Antonio asmond at gmx.com
Fri Apr 6 18:05:16 BST 2018

Hi, Paul!

> what i want, specifically, is a version of kontact that does not 
> use akonadi. [...]

I read your mail yesterday night. While latest KMail bugs are solved: maybe 
you want to talk to Pali Rohár, the author of 
    KDEPIM without Akonadi

> i can pay a reasonable fee for this. the result would be given 
> to the KDE community under the same license that kde-pim has 
> always had. 

Pali Rohár even wrote:
	If you want to support my work on this KMail version, donate:

and he has a contact page:

In the past I wrote to him and Pali answered politely :-)


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