Akregator crash recovery

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at kde.org
Wed Apr 4 22:27:28 BST 2018


> I haven't looked at patches or anything like that, but something obviously 
has broke the app to a state it probably shouldn't be shipped until patches 
addressing the problems are submitted.

Yes Akregator looses sometimes the feeds and crashes  - I can confirm this and 
I do not like this but for me it not that frequent, so I'm still using it. But 
what be better, if we stop releasing Akregator? Every new release have some 
bugs less... Sorry but the kdepim team has not enough manpower to fix 
everything within 4 months. And also keeping the Applications running is work, 

And especially  this problem should be fixed in 17.12.3:


Please fee welcome to help KDEPim team with triage bugs, summiting patches 
etc. Also feel free to ask me, if you want to contribute and do not not how.


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