Another one - Was Cannot connect to akonadi

Peter Humphrey peter at
Mon Sep 25 12:23:51 BST 2017

On Monday, 25 September 2017 09:08:53 BST Peter Humphrey wrote:
> Hello list,
> Recently, since the latest restart with a new user account, I've been
> getting a pop-up announcement "Local folders: Cannot connect to Akonadi
> service". This happens several times in any session but seems not to
> affect operations.
> Does it give anyone a clue?

I created a new identity for this list. When I saved it, kmail was grey all 
over. I stopped kmail and rebooted.

Then I assigned the new identity to the folder holding this list's messages, 
then made a change to the identity and saved it - same grey universe.

(Thanks to Ian for the sig suggestion.)


Gentoo kernel 4.12.12

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