Kmail2 (5.3.0) crashing at will

ianseeks ianseeks at
Thu Sep 8 16:06:38 BST 2016

On Thursday, 8 September 2016 12:31:02 BST Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> Dear Ian,
> > I will log it as a bug at some point but there are soooooo many bugs
> > listed
> > for kmail, it'll take ages to look through them all to see if there is a
> > duplicate already logged.
> Do you have dr konqi installed? (The crash reporting tool.) It normally can
> suggest potential duplicates based on the backtrace generated.

Yes, but it sometimes crashes and does not start drkonqi. When i first started 
experiencing the kmail crashes and drkonqi did come it, it would also crash 
when trying to download the debug symbols that i already have installed. So i 
gave up even trying with drkonqi.
> Having debugging symbols installed helps a lot, but I don't know if they are
> by default or how to do it for opensuse. (I've only come across the term
> ‘debuginfo’ packages.)
Yep, i've got all those installed. But not being a developer i was hoping 
someone from the kdepim team would be able to give some pointers of what to do 
in order to get info for a bug report. You're the first person to actually 
respond to some of my emails.
> Best,
> Erik
Thanks for responding

Qt: 5.6.1
KDE Frameworks: 5.25.0
kf5-config: 1.0
KDE Plasma: 5.7.4
Kwin5: 5.7.4-152.2  
Kernel: 4.7.2-2-default
Nouveau: 1.0.12-1.4   

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