Akonadi dsaster

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:28:08 BST 2016

On Wednesday October 19 2016 13:19:39 Daniel Vrátil wrote:

> locally available, there is a possible solution for that. There is a feature 
> in Akonadi which is able to use the IMAP SEARCH command to let the IMAP server 
> perform the search and only give us back a list of matching results. That is 
> however disabled for various reasons, but maybe we could add a checkbox to the 
> "Quick Search" to enable it and allow full-text search in a specific folder 
> even if the bodies are not available locally. Would not work for the "Search" 
> dialog though. If that's what you are after, would you care to open a feature 
> request for that on bugs.kde.org?

I've taken the bait and even made a first attempt to implement this: 

As written there: I'm not entirely sure why remote search couldn't be part of the "Search" dialog, given that the underlying code uses classes that support remote search (at least in the 4.14 code base)??


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