Akonadi dsaster

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 10:21:19 BST 2016

On Monday October 17 2016 10:36:24 Daniel Vrátil wrote:

>Hmm, it must've been restored at some point. When I checked last time 
>(February 2016) there was no such branch. David probably had it restored 
>around the time he did the commits in May.

Well, bravo to him then that he managed to restore it with the full history (as far as I can see).

>The onliner I sent you fixes that emails were not reindexed when changed, does 
>not fix the IndexPolicyAttribute support, that's a bit bigger patch [0] that 
>will need some actual backporting work.

>[0] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=akonadi-search.git&a=commitdiff&h=c4296b665e327e4ea5c3fbd991df1d71b24d5fc1

I see. I'll have a look, and hope this is mostly moved-and-preserved code too!
Of course I wouldn't mind if someone else backported it to that 4.14 vendor branch ;)


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