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Daniel Vrátil dvratil at kde.org
Sun Oct 16 20:05:28 BST 2016

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 6:17:22 PM CEST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Sunday October 16 2016 17:53:26 Daniel Vrátil wrote:
> > There was also some regression with regard to reindexing changes to emails
> > (flags etc.) which was fixed too.
> The infamous regression where 4.14+ don't detect changes in a remote email's
> read/flagged status made by a 3rd party? 

Yeah probably.

> If patching that isn't overly
> complicated I'd love to try and backport it to 4.14 .....

It's a oneliner. But the problem is that there is nowhere to backport. The 
KDE/4.14 branch was removed from baloo.git for some reason (that's where the 
indexing agent lived in KDE4).

If you are only interested in the patch to add it to your KDE4 packages, 
there's no need to backport anything, I initially wrote the patch for the 
vendor/intevation/4.14 branch, which I maintian in my clone of the old 



> Cheers,
> R.

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