msql.err for Akonadi 1.13.1_pre20160203

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Fri Oct 14 21:49:12 BST 2016

Am Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016, 10:55:15 CEST schrieb Erik Quaeghebeur:
> Also, I just noticed that ~/.local/share/akonadi/file_lost+found contains
> about 2.9GB in about 12k files! (~/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data is
> about 0.5GB in about 11k files) I guess there is an opportunity to reclaim
> some space here? (I think I have about 0.4GB of mail, with contact and
> calendar stuff adding a little bit on top.)

You can just remove file_lost+found directory and all files in it.

In there akonadictl fsck stores files Akonadi "lost track of". There was a bug 
in Akonadi where it leaked thos files, i.e. forgot to remove them. This is fixed 
in recent enough versions of Akonadi and just another reason to use at least 
Akonadi/KDEPIM 16.04 (although I think the fix was in somewhat earlier versions 
of Akonadi already).


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