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E. Hakan Duran ehakanduran at gmail.com
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Hi all,

I am one of the "simple" users of Kontact with no computer programming 
background. I fell in love with it in the old days of KDE 3. I was mainly a 
windows user by then, and was using Outlook Express for my email and Usenet 
needs. The responsiveness of Kontact was the main factor that attracted me. 
After I started using it more often, I also loved the customizability, which 
was second to none. Then came the painful KDE4 years :), now followed by  
KDE5. You may remember/find my occasional rants about Kontact in this very 

Now I believe I have a simpler set up as compared to some of you guys, but 
just wanted to share my experience for the record. Up until a couple of years 
ago, I was on Fedora linux and I would upgrade the OS every 6-12 months as a 
new release came out. akonadictl was a very familiar command at those times. 
Perhaps keeping the /home folder untouched between upgrades may have 
complicated things, I am not sure. Then I switched to Manjaro linux, which is 
an Arch linux derivative. This process involved creating a new/fresh home 
folder for all KDE settings. The initial customization for my taste took a 
while of course, but Kontact has been working a lot more reliably for me since 
then. As a matter of fact, I believe I haven't used akonadictl command since 
this switch. I do expect some cluttering perhaps corruption of this new /home 
folder as new versions of KDE settings are released, perhaps even before KDE6. 
I believe the new releases of software are usually designed to be backwards 
compatible, but this compatibility may not be perfect, and possibly 
contributing to some of the problems being reported here. It felt like 
creating a fresh /home folder seemed to help with me immensely, and I just 
wanted to share that.

Thanks for developing and perfecting the best PIM client ever created!

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