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Daniel Vrátil dvratil at kde.org
Fri Oct 14 08:25:11 BST 2016

On Saturday, October 8, 2016 12:39:30 AM CEST Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hello!
> Am Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016, 09:19:19 CEST schrieb O. Sinclair:
> > It is, and sorry for rant, but it is quite simply embarrasing that K9
> > mail on my android phone works better than KMail 5.x
> > 
> > Akonadi was/is probably a nice concept but crash in this version not
> > only on a daily but basically hourly basis. Noone seems to know just why
> > the database thing goes bonkers all the time.
> > 
> > I am dead tired of "akonadictl stop", "akondictl fsck" and "akonadictl
> > start". Then wait while the mails from IMAP are downloaded once again
> > though it is set to "offline IMAP".
> > 
> > Can we "deAkonadi" KMail?
> While I still think Akonadi has some severe issues like moving of 1000nds of
> mails from one maildir folder to another is almost as inefficient as it can
> get and moving a complete folder even more so…
> and akonadi being basically single-tasking so that a background folder
> synchronisation blocks out KMail…
> as well as Akonadi + Exchange IMAP something just not displaying new mail
> via IMAP push to inbox without akonadictl stop ; start …

Can I just get away with blaming silly Exchange? :-) I have an IMAP patch that 
adds loooots of debug messages to the IMAP resource session handling. Would 
you be able to compile the IMAP resource with it, so we maybe get more details 
as to what stalls the resource?

> I do not have anything near daily crashes.
> This hints to me that something on your setup is different to my setup.
> And believe me I am probably one of the users with the most insane amount of
> mails and folders in maildirs *ever*.
> More than 1 million mails in my regular maildir and I bet more than 500000
> maybe even another 1 million in archival folders that I excluded from
> Akonadi Search indexing.
> I think its about time I also try to exclude IMAP folders from indexing… yet
> I think with IMAP there may be the issue that it just doesn´t respect the
> folder indexing setting. Or maybe its even completely ignored… but since I
> didn´t access the archival folders anymore since last clearing Akonadi
> search_db they are not indexed.

It's true that the indexer currently ignores the NoIndexing attribute. That's 
bug and should be fixed.

> I agree that most likely crashes could be in Akonadi search. If there is a
> special Xapian version that crashes, thats bad. 

That bug in Xapian 1.4  unfortunately hit a lot of users and led to a lot of 
frustration I'm afraid.

> But there could be also
> other reasons for crashes. Akonadi search is basically a renamed Baloo for
> mails and there is a thread on kde-ml and kde-frameworks-ml now that Baloo
> basically contains no error checking whatsoever for LMDB database accesses.
> Dunno whether that applies to current incarnation of Akonadi search too.

Akonadi Search is based on the old Xapian-based Baloo, which had a good error 


> In anyway, Akonadi for me is pretty much stable. I didn´t see an Akonadi
> crash anymore in a time longer than I remember.
> So if its crashing for you *daily*, something seems to be different and it
> could be helpful to stop ranting… and start describing what setup you
> actually have. (That said I completely get the ranting part. Having issues
> like that with a mail client you depend on is %&/§)=$/%. I completely get
> that).
> Thanks,

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