Akonadi dsaster

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:15:01 BST 2016

On Friday October 14 2016 10:54:31 Daniel Vrátil wrote:


Oops, yes.

>would be needed. The hardest part is to come up with an algorithm that can 
>autotune the values correctly.
>Might be something for the DB guys here to try figure out ;-)

Some genetic algorithm coding fun? ;)

>I could swear that there was at least partial support in 4.1x, but grepping 

Me too, but I also see folders being refreshed I could swear I had set to manual refresh only, so I guess I should start doing what my mommy told me - never to swear ;)

>current codebase I don't see any handling of the IndexPolicyAttribute at all, 
>so probably a regression :(

>Akonadi Search works on all platforms where Xapian is available. There are no 
>other requirements.

Good. I still hope to convince someone to write a SpotLight backend for Baloo but this tidbit makes that much less urgent.

>avoid the confusion. I think I finally managed to remove all references to 
>Baloo from code and UI everywhere now :)

That's good too, I've always found the name (vaguely) ridiculous and ... baloney ;)


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