Akonadi disaster

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 11:29:55 BST 2016

On Saturday October 08 2016 10:49:18 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> No need to Cc me.

You can set your mailman/ML preferences so that you don't get the CC that results when somebody does "reply-to-all".

> so that it will 1) do it in the background 2) remember what it did. Which in 
> theory at least could lead to almost instant displaying of a folder of that 
> size.

Or in practice it could make yet something else unreliable ...

> So unless you or someone else does it… its a waste of time to even suggest it.

And in my opinion it's never a waste of time to suggest sensible things.
("Ceterum censeo" ...)

The KDEPIM devs read this list too, and I haven't yet lost all hope that they actually take user feedback into account.

Filing bug reports (refiling, more exactly) is a waste of time though, as I won't upgrade to a recent enough "5" version unless I'm certain I will not regret it, or until there is an official and complete guide what to back up so that I can restore and back out if the need for that confirms itself. 
And that applies to running KDEPIM on Linux but also under OS X (using a "linuxy" KF5 build with shared resources in an XDG-compliant directory structure, aka MacPorts).

Barring that all I can do is give feedback about which symptoms already exist in the 4.13+ series. Knowing that something isn't a new regression can help pinpoint the problem.

NB: I wouldn't mind at all doing some maintenance and backporting on KDEPIM4, as far as that's in my grasp. For instance, Claws just showed me that one of those "ghosted" emails I get was actually marked "deleted". It showed up grayed out in Claws, but could still be selected and (really)deleted. It shouldn't be hard to modify KMail to allow the same if I knew where in the code to look (moving a message marked delete to the waste bin shouldn't be a problem).

> Who uses Akonadi anyway except KDE apps? AFAIR that was one
> reason for the decision of the KDEPIM team.

Not to split words, but according to official KDE dogma there is no more such thing as a KDE app. 
That said, I did mean "other applications" in the broadest possible sense, whether designed for/by/through KDE or not. I know of only 2 applications using the akonadi_imap_agent outside of the akonadi infrastructure itself: KMail and akonadiconsole. 
Maybe one should ask "Who uses Akonadi anyway except KDE PIM apps". 


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