Akonadi disaster

Wolf Drechsel wd-p at trolink.de
Wed Oct 5 14:24:19 BST 2016

> > Can we just get rid of Akonadi, Xapian, MySql and so on and have  
> > plain simple maildir/mobox.
> > 
> > I know absolutely noone that search for mails outside their mail  
> > app, be it Outlook or whatever.

I left KdePIM more than a year ago for the continuous akonadi trouble.
Recently I tried to come back, but still these things seem to be
persistant - my first step was to make my CalDAV client work, and I got
stuck there, syncing with owncloud failed from the very beginning.

KdePIM (Kontact) is a really great piece of software, IFAIK unique in
in *nix world, really powerful, hardly lacking any features. It's such
a pity that this wonderful product is pulled down so much by the
akonadi problems.

I really appreciate the hard work all the people put into akonadi, and
I absolutely understand that it would be hard to dismiss all that work.

But - to achieve a useable product, wouldnt it be a good idea to create
a second branch "non-akonadi" of Kontact? - Maybe a little less
performant, but reliably working very soon. You know that there's a guy
called Pali (and probabely some other people), who got ahead with that


Maybe the akonadi option is one for the long run. But during the last
year, obviously that beast could not be domesticated. 

Let's do a try to the "without" approach!


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