[kdepim-users] Any *sane* way to move folders in a local maildir around?

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Jun 23 12:06:07 BST 2016


Hey, I tried, but this happens:

Bug 364114 - moving a folder within one maildir resource is extremely slow and 

I think manually moving is still more efficient, but… its still working hard 
on the SSDs, it does so for minutes already.

Yet I just moved 5 folders with about 400000-500000 mails. I didn´t move the 
mails around, I just moved the *folder*.

Well I bet thats a current limitation of Akonadi, but I thought I´d still ask 
whether someone knows a trick I can use next time.

I remember the blog post from a guy that considered the Akonadi design to be 
broken, and Laurent´s strong reaction to it. I don´t know whether its broken 
by design, but my expectation as a user is clear:

A folder move is almost *instant* and does next to *no* disk I/O at all. 
Anything else from my viewpoint of a user is a bug. As a user I don´t even 
care about the architecture, but taking more than 10 minutes to move some 
folders around – it seems to have finished activity now – and causing an 
excess of several 1 GiB of I/O to precious disk I/O is a behavior I consider 
to be broken.

At least manually moving seems to be more efficient, it took more than one 
hour for moving a folder within KMail before.


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