[kdepim-users] [KDE/Mac] Usenet/GMane users and the (lack of) future of KNode

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 12:44:39 GMT 2016

On Friday February 12 2016 11:44:05 Sandro Knauß wrote:

>But now you step up and feell responsible for this software - great. If you 
>start with your work and take over mantainership, this software has not to 
>die. And we will help you where we can.

Well, I do have to point out that KNode is currently a productivity (enhancing) bit of software for me, not something I had planned to be productive on.
There's already a lot of other KDE software that migrated from the former into the latter category for me, and that probably explains my growing appreciation for the decision made by the people behind the Trinity Desktop ...

>> I suppose there must be a migration guide somewhere that details the steps
>> required to port from Qt3Support to Qt4 "pure"? (pointers appreciated)
>> >Implementing the expiration would be the task of an NNTP resource. I don't
>> >know exactly what the feature in KNode you refer to was (I only used KNode
>search in techbasek.o and at docs.qt.io. But qt3 is really long time eof... 
>But to get awnser to code questions it is better to ask in kde-pim.

I presume it should be relatively self-explanatory to suppress the Qt3Support library/module/whatever from the KNode build system (is it really the only component using that?) and see exactly how much Qt3 specific APIs/calls are still actually in use. I did something similar for DrKonqi5 last week (unknowingly :)) and that was quite trivial.


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