[kdepim-users] [KDE/Mac] Usenet/GMane users and the (lack of) future of KNode

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at kde.org
Fri Feb 12 10:44:05 GMT 2016


> >or we focus on the majority of our users
> Has there been a survey to get an informed estimate of demand, i.e. of your
> widely each PIM component is/was used?

no. But we had serveral calls for devs to step up and take care of components, 
and nobody cared about. KNode has Qt3 inside, that means for five years nobody 
touched the code. So it was just bitrotting around. The kdepim team is not 
that big, so we need to focus on things, and it is totaly uninteressing how 
may users are using a software, if we cannot mantain it because of the 
manpower, we need to drop it. And not touching code for 5 years is a very good 
indication, that it was not mantained :D

But now you step up and feell responsible for this software - great. If you 
start with your work and take over mantainership, this software has not to 
die. And we will help you where we can.

> Still, I propose that "we" could start by porting KNode to Qt4, and then
> take it from there. Once that's done it might be easier to assess how much
> work porting to KF5 will be, or how much of its code base could be
> refactored into an NNTP agent. Are any of the "original authors" still
> active elsewhere, with KF5 business?

you can look into the git logs to find people touching the code and ask them...

> I suppose there must be a migration guide somewhere that details the steps
> required to port from Qt3Support to Qt4 "pure"? (pointers appreciated)
> >Implementing the expiration would be the task of an NNTP resource. I don't
> >know exactly what the feature in KNode you refer to was (I only used KNode

search in techbasek.o and at docs.qt.io. But qt3 is really long time eof... 
But to get awnser to code questions it is better to ask in kde-pim.



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