[kdepim-users] Usenet/GMane users and the (lack of) future of KNode

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Feb 11 12:10:03 GMT 2016

Am Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016, 10:50:48 CET schrieb René J.V. Bertin:
> I myself had stopped using newsgroups long ago except for the occasional
> visit through Google's interface. And then I developed a need for a kind of
> filtering I couldn't find anywhere but in newsgroup readers; the kind of
> filter that lets through only threads/topic on which you participate(d). So
> now most of my less important mailing list subscriptions are set not to
> deliver email except the messages I send to the list and copies of replies
> to my own messages (= the setting you usually turn off); and I subscribe to
> the corresponding GMane groups in KNode. This allows me to archive my own
> posts in the dedicated email folders and insulates me from all irrelevant
> ML activity. Unless I decide to have a peek what else is going on, in which
> case I toggle the filter setting temporarily.
> I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who has an interest in this kind of
> feature that increases productivity by avoiding distraction (no temptation
> to take part in all kinds of "passionating" but otherwise irrelevant
> threads).

Well sometimes I really like to have some kind of filtering to ignore certain 
threads. I tried with the "Group / Ignore" context menu, but I found it more 
than once than on new unread mails to a ignored group (=thread) KMail still 
unfolded the group again and showed me the new unread mails.

So maybe a start can be to look at that group ignore feature again. For 
testing I tried to set a group to ignore now again, lets see whether it still 
doesn´t catch new mails to the group.

From such a group ignore feature I think it would not be a big step to 
automark groups you didn´t contribute for to ignore, but well then once you 
post to a group the marker needs to be removed. Well it might be better to 
dynamically decide on what group to ignore.

All that said there have been ideas to fold the complete threading into 
Akonadi instead of having this still in KMail. This way the threading can be 
done in the background, display of huge folders can be faster in KMail and it 
can form the base of only display say the last 14 days of mails in each folder 
or so and dynamically loading more when you scroll down.

Whether that still would be feasible to do with Akonadi or whether it would be 
better to wait for Sink (formerly Akonadi 2/NG or so) I don´t know.

So or so I love to use KMail for mailing lists cause it just beats any web 
based stuff I have ever seen so far. And Thunderbird also is not remotely 
suitable for my mail use. And Evolution? Nope. Its for a reason I endured all 
the Akonadi issues for years to stick with KMail :).


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