[kdepim-users] How to disable mail indexing with Akonadi search

Antonio asmond at gmx.com
Sun Feb 7 17:04:19 GMT 2016


> > Back in Baloo times it was easy to disable mail indexing. But with
> > Akonadi Search which as I understand is basically a renamed Baloo for
> > mail stuff I didnĀ“t find a way yet. Can one disable it?
> > [...]
> You would have to go back to a version of Kmail that does not use
> Akonadi and that is way back at KDE 4.3 I think. In Kubuntu there used
> to be a ppa for that (don't ask me what it is as I have forgotten, you
> can search for it) but very obviously that is not a "way forward" in
> terms of development.

That information can be found in

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