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> Now I need to add a new account, fetching emails from a POP3 server. (....)
> I'd rather have a completely new folder structure, for storing emails of
> this POP3 account only, similarly to what is possible in e.g. Thunderbird.
> However, I didn't find any way to create a new folder at the same level of
> Local Folders and the other accounts. What should I do?
> Thanks!

I am using multiple accounts too.  Each account comes in a separate folder.
Go to Kontact > Tools > Configure e-mail. From there, you need to configure three items 
for each new account:
     *  identity > add  > yournewaddress at;
     *  accounts > receiving > configure here your pop3 settings for 
yournewaddress at;
     *  accounts > sending > configure here your smtp pop 3 settings for 
yournewaddress at
When doing so, you will see appearing your new account in a folder at the same level as 
your already existing accounts and and your local folders. 

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