KMail HTML viewer: font size

solitone solitone at
Sun Dec 11 19:43:22 GMT 2016

On Sunday, December 11, 2016 9:07:03 AM CET Peter Humphrey wrote:
> On Saturday 10 Dec 2016 15:11:12 solitone wrote:
> > is there a way to change the font size in KMail's HTML viewer? I have a
> > MacBookPro 12,1 13" (Early 2015) with retina display (HiDPI), and the
> > rendered HTML messages appear way too small to be read.
> > I've looked everywhere in KMail settings but didn't find a solution.  
> In Appearance > Message Window you should see a Minimum Font Size box. I
> have mine set to 20 at the moment. Play with that a bit and you should find
> a value that works for you.

Ok, thank you very much indeed. I've set it to 30 and it's much better now. 
I'll explore it further to find the optimal effect.

> > Lastly, but this is a minor drawback, is it possible to enlarge the font
> > used for the subject line? By default it is smaller than the font used for
> > the From, To, and Date fields, and it appears weird.
> You haven't said which aggregation and theme you're using. They're under
> Appearance > Message List. 

At the moment I've got Activity by Date, Threaded as aggregation, and Smart as 
theme. I've haven't dig it much yet, but the font used for the subject line 
doesn't seem to be affected by changing those settings.


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