KMail HTML viewer: font size

Peter Humphrey peter at
Sun Dec 11 09:07:03 GMT 2016

On Saturday 10 Dec 2016 15:11:12 solitone wrote:

> is there a way to change the font size in KMail's HTML viewer? I have a
> MacBookPro 12,1 13" (Early 2015) with retina display (HiDPI), and the
> rendered HTML messages appear way too small to be read.
> I've looked everywhere in KMail settings but didn't find a solution. While
> it easy to change the font size of the message body (Settings -> Configure
> KMail -
> > Appearance -> Fonts -> Message Body), this affects only plain text
> > messages.

In Appearance > Message Window you should see a Minimum Font Size box. I have 
mine set to 20 at the moment. Play with that a bit and you should find a value 
that works for you.


> Lastly, but this is a minor drawback, is it possible to enlarge the font
> used for the subject line? By default it is smaller than the font used for
> the From, To, and Date fields, and it appears weird.

You haven't said which aggregation and theme you're using. They're under 
Appearance > Message List. Being an old fogey, I use Standard Mailing List and 
Classic theme, and I like the traditional, threaded layout they give me.


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