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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 17:57:35 BST 2015

On Thursday October 01 2015 08:06:33 salamandir at hybridelephant.com wrote:

>i'm /reasonably/ sure nothing else was running, because, basically, i 
>booted the machine for the last time and immediately ran the backup 
>without starting anything. i can't be 100% positive that things like 
>akonadi were NOT running, but i didn't start anything.

See below for akonadi. With luck you should be fine with just having akonadi started but not kmail.
After all, kmail doesn't lose everything when you crash your session...

Of course nothing guarantees that your backup doesn't contain any artefacts caused by those SMART errors on your old disk, but in practice you should have noticed if those affected kmail-related files.

>this is also very good information, but... i did that already, and it 
>didn't work... it was my impression that akonadi didn't start until you 
>started something else that used it, and i deliberately /did't/ start 
>kontact until /after/ i had restored the backup.

If you have the calendar/clock widget in one of your panels (which is the default in 14.04 I think), akonadi is started...

>is this something that, theoretically, i can try more than once?

Yes, as long as you have your backup, you can restore it as many times as you want.
Try the trick with the virtual tty/console (Ctrl-Alt-F1) next time you restore your old home directory.
I'd empty the entire new home directory first, minus of course any files you're sure you changed and must keep.

>i am running kubuntu 14.04 on both machines... is there any reason 
>things should /not/ work, because that is what seems to have happened.

None that I can think of other than what I already wrote

>i am not moving to a more recent version of the system until the next 
>LTS version is released.

So am I :)
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