[kdepim-users] how do i...

salamandir at hybridelephant.com salamandir at hybridelephant.com
Thu Oct 1 04:47:25 BST 2015

how do i backup kmail/kontact, so that i can move to a new computer and 
have all of my old mail?

the fact is, i've already done what i thought was the right thing, which 
apparently it wasn't, and now i'm stuck.

i backed up my entire /home directory, including the hidden files and 
directories. i have that backup on a 16GB flash drive, so that nothing 
will happen to it.

i installed kubuntu on a blank machine, got all the updates, unpacked 
the backup archive and overwrote everything and...

when i opened kontact, it was a blank slate: the default directories, 
just one user, accounts not set up, old mail not there... 8/

so i tried to "import" the ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail directory, using the 
KMail Import Wizard. again, no luck...

obviously i am doing something wrong... can anyone tell me the right way 
to go about it?
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