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salamandir at hybridelephant.com salamandir at hybridelephant.com
Thu Oct 1 18:15:15 BST 2015

On 2015-10-01 09:57, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Thursday October 01 2015 08:06:33 salamandir at hybridelephant.com 
> wrote:
> If you have the calendar/clock widget in one of your panels (which is
> the default in 14.04 I think), akonadi is started...

oop... i had the calendar/clock widget running in both the old machine 
when i made the backup, and on the new machine when i tried to restore.

is this something serious enough that i should try it again, without 
that widget running?

>> is this something that, theoretically, i can try more than once?
> Yes, as long as you have your backup, you can restore it as many times
> as you want.


> I'd empty the entire new home directory first, minus of course any
> files you're sure you changed and must keep.

that's going to take some time... i was experiencing SMART problems on a 
couple of disks, and to take care of the big disk -- 3TB -- which i had 
been using as a "home" directory, i had to move all of the files -- 
approximately 750GB of information -- on to the internal drive. now the 
3TB disk is being used by BackInTime, and i have no other place to put 
the information, while i try various different techniques for restoring 
my email.

what i was hoping is to restore /only/ the kmail directory, which, 
really, is the only one that makes any difference.

>> i am running kubuntu 14.04 on both machines... is there any reason
>> things should /not/ work, because that is what seems to have happened.
> None that I can think of other than what I already wrote

that is a very good thing to know, because, as a last resort, i may end 
up wiping the new machine and starting over...

>> i am not moving to a more recent version of the system until the next
>> LTS version is released.
> So am I :)


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