[kdepim-users] Invalid item cannot be archived or deleted

Peter Humphrey peter at prh.myzen.co.uk
Mon May 11 15:55:41 BST 2015

On Sunday 10 May 2015 14:57:41 Peter Humphrey wrote:
> Hello list,
> Together with many others I've been getting duplicate e-mails since day 1 of
> KMail2, and that does seem to be only when a filter has tried to move a
> message to its own folder. Sometimes I get a version left in the inbox;
> other times I get two or more copies in the destination folder.
> Two days ago I received an e-mail from a Yahoo list, one just like many
> others from that list, and the filter copied it into the proper folder
> (yes, it left the original in my inbox). I deleted the one in the inbox and
> left the other alone.
> Now KMail's daily archive stops when it reaches that e-mail, so I now have
> only part archives. I can't delete it either, and running Update Folder from
> the right-click menu has no effect.
> How can I get out of this?

I got myself out of it by using brute force. It seemed the only way.

I first archived all my folders separately, then removed my user directory from 
under /home, created a new one, copied in all my non-KDE stuff and set up my 
new KDE user from scratch. Then I imported all the archives again, and all the 
24 filters. Finally I let KMail start fetching new e-mails.

The process has taken over six hours so far.

Now I have e-mails being duplicated in the folder containing this list while I 
watch, and KMail is telling me I have one unread e-mail in my inbox - but I 

Have I to go through the whole process again? Is no-one else suffering like 

Incidentally, not one of the filters had the right destination folder; I had to 
set them all again. I've also found that Important marks on e-mails don't 
survive recovery from archive.

When is KMail2 going to become reliable for simple POP3 e-mails? I don't want 
desktop indexing, nor PIM functions, nor complex multi-machine 
synchronisation, nor corporate fanciness - just simple, reliable, plain-text 
e-mails. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Is it too late to revert to KMail-1?


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