[kdepim-users] calendar forgets colours

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Thu May 7 10:44:07 BST 2015

This is an old problem. Akonadi drops resources, and recreates them with new 
IDs. I have had this problem for years, while using owncloud as my main 
calendar and contacts storage. I do not know when it happens, but it does so 
regularly. IME, when the network connection fails, og is fake because of 
missing web login that some stupid network admins enforce.

I commented the bug report with the same information.


Torsdag den 7. maj 2015 10:39:33 skrev Wolf Drechsel:
> Hi,
> I filed this bug:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347204
> ... with not so much hope for a quick solution.
> So, for the meanwhile - could somebody tell me in which file the calendar
> colours are stored - for a quicker reconstruction?
> Thanks,
> Wolf

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