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ianseeks ianseeks at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 19 10:33:35 BST 2015

On Tuesday 19 May 2015 09:12:31 Peter Humphrey wrote:
> On Sunday 17 May 2015 13:03:12 ianseeks wrote:
> > Is there a definitive document somewhere that i could reference to copy
> > all
> > kmail2 related files (config and data) from one user to another?  They
> > seem
> > to be all over the place and i've tried to get all from one user to
> > another
> > (had to create a new user because the existing user was unusable due to a
> > kded4 fault).  I've go the data across but will missing things like
> > filters, folder properties etc and account details (had to manually
> > re-create that)
> I have to do this often, when some component of KDE changes something under
> my home directory that makes KMail unusable. So far it's been about six
> times this year, so I'm now wondering if I have a hardware problem
> somewhere.
> Assuming you have both old and new user home directories available, you have
> to start KMail as the new user, set it up with accounts and so on and then
> import the old mail and filters, as below.
> Before that, though, you need to run as the old user and archive all the e-
> mails somewhere. I've tried importing directly from the old message tree
> before now, but it's not reliable - you get some messages but not all, and
> not all parts of all those you do get.
> With an empty message tree, as your new user, import the messages from the
> archive you made. If you want to import from more than one archive, make
> sure you set the import destination the same in each case and tell the
> importer to remove duplicates. (If you're like me, you'll nevertheless have
> a few mail folders in which messages are duplicated relentlessly, seven or
> eight at a time.)
> Once all the message folders are complete, move the folders into their
> proper places under Local Folders (you're not allowed to import directly
> into place). Then you can go and mark each folder as read; there's no
> facility for doing them all at once as far as I can see.
> Then import the filters from
> <old-user>/.kde4/share/config/akonadi_mailfilter_agentrc. You'll have to go
> through all your new filters and set their destination folders - at least, I
> always do. Even though nothing changes between successive rebuilds, I've
> never had a filter arrive intact.
> This is a good reason for using KMail's archiving agent to make a daily
> backup. You can't specify at what time of day the archive will be started;
> it will run every day at the time when you set it up.
> I see a lot of other rc files under .kde4/share/config, but I haven't dared
> go fiddling with them. Maybe the process I've described here could be
> improved if I did.
> Good luck!

Thanks Peter.  
I pretty much did most of that which is very laborious and time consuming.  
If the kmail directory structures were simpler i.e. everything related to 
kmail/kontact was under one folder we could just copy one folder.  Or a single 
folder that contained links to all the real locations.  The directory 
structures seem to be getting more and more convoluted as more features are 
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