[kdepim-users] WARNING: sometimes two copies of mysqld are running after stopping and starting Akonadi

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Wed Jan 28 09:38:10 GMT 2015


I read quite some times that people do

akonadictl restart

to work around and fix up issues with Akonadi temporily.

I recommend: Don´t.


- akonadictl stop,
- then check that the mysqlq process is really gone
- if it doesn´t quit after a while send it a TERM signal (please only the 
friendly TERM which kill sends if you do not specify a signal)
- only after you are sure that there is no mysqld is running to akonadictl 
start again

I think I completely lost the mysql database of my private Akonadi setup 
due to this as I tried out the SizeThreshold=32768 thing I mentioned a 
post ago. MySQL maybe would have been able to rebuild the db, but after 
writing excessively for 150-300 MiB/s for minutes to go with an write 
amount of easily tens of times of the whole size of the database I gave up 
on it.

Also see:

Bug 340813 - sometimes two copies of mysqld are running with Akonadi

If you also see that akonadictl does not terminate all database processes, 
please comment to:

[Akonadi] [Bug 248287] 'akonadictl stop' takes very long + doesn't 
terminate all 'mysqld' processes

Also if you dare to start akonadi with a mysqld process still running and 
have then two mysqld processes running, comment to 340813. But I 
recommend: Don´t. Unless you have an IMAP account and are willing to have 
Akonadi rebuild the database from scratch in case the database is 
corrupted due to this.

I think MySQL is trying to prevent data loss even in that case. It seems 
to lock ibdata file at least. But I am not sure whether this protection is 
complete and failure proof. It seems to me that it is not. So my 
recommendation is: Better do not risk it :).

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