[kdepim-users] deleted mail from gmail account ends up in local wastebin (sometimes)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 09:28:24 GMT 2015


With kmail 4.13.3, mail deleted from a gmail account that's configured to use gmail's wastebin tends to end up in my local wastebin - too regularly but not reproducibly. This leads to ghost items in the originating folder on the gmail account, requiring me to use a different MUA or a browser to clean up.
When I move the items from the local wastebin back into the originating folder I double entries for them, one ghosted.
Each time I open the account settings to check if the setting is still correct, it is (kmail also tends to unset the selected trash/draft/sent folders if it considers they're unreachable).

This is annoying enough to look into, but between akonadi and the KDE PIM runtime I have no idea where to start looking, esp. since I don't know how to trigger the issue. In fact, it seems the only way obtain it is to forget to wait until all activity has settled before moving a message to the wastebin. Which is the way one should be able to use KMail.

Is this a known issue, or at least one affecting others than just me? If known, has it been traced/debugged? IIRC it also happened with KDE PIM 4.14.3 .

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